Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Birky Events and News:  



Our bottled root beer will soon be in! Please stop in and see the new menu items!

We have great new specials every day.  LIKE us to see the latest news posted daily.

We still have something special that we will be unveiling in April. We can't wait to show you, but it isn't done yet! 

CATERING!: If you need a caterer for anything...we can do it! Contact Julie atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 219-76-3851.

We have added lots of new products in our Country Market & Bakery in Kouts.  We have all natural grain fed beef. We will have grass fed next week.  Be sure to get your Birky Ham and Birky Homemade Pie for your Easter celebration!

Birky's Country Market & Bakery is going to begin baking homemade breads! We will be offering these one-day a week per order. Keep posted to our facebook page for details.

South County Love Your Neighborhood events: 

 - The Taste Of South County will be held in downtown Kouts on June 28 from 4-7 PM...more details to follow.

 - The BBQ Cook-off and Blueberry Pie Baking contest will be on September 21 from 3-6 PM. This year we are adding a BBQ Sauce, coleslaw, and BBQ rib competition. Check out for more details.

Greetings From Chris 

   " Black Dirt " 


It has been a very long winter. I am so grateful that we were kept safe through all the storms. We are enjoying the little glimpses of spring that we are starting to see. The grass is starting to look green and the sun is definitely getting warmer. Another sign of spring is an unbelievable phenomenon that takes place every year. We live out in the middle of a field. We have a gravel driveway that is ΒΌ mile long. Every year I probably spread on this driveway at least two truck loads of gravel. This driveway has been here long before I lived here. I am guessing that there has been gravel on this lane for nearly 100 years. I could not begin to guess how much gravel has been placed on this driveway during this time, but I know it has been a lot. This is why I am blown away at what happens every year. As the frost leaves the ground, the middle of our driveway begins to explode upward out of the ground and this black dirt begins to emerge! It is unbelievable. Where did all that gravel go and how did the dirt get up here?

 I am sure I have probably written about this before, but it is so amazing. It so reminds me of some of my own natural tendencies. Jesus said that out of the over flow of the heart the mouth speaks. In my own life it is easy to try and portray someone that I want people to think I am. The spreading of gravel in my life is the propping up of walls to cover up and hide who I really am inside. But the fact of the matter is it doesn't matter what I try to do to hide or cover up. It will come out. God knows what's in my heart and eventually through my speech and actions it will come out. One of the greatest things that I am learning as I get older is to give the inside of me to God and Jesus and not try to hide my weaknesses and imperfections, but to let God use them to show his greatness! It is a very humbling thing to admit all your faults and mistakes, but also the most incredible freeing thing ever! It is so refreshing to admit who I really am and let God take control and make me more like Jesus every day.

 Thanks again for being such a great customer family! We truly appreciate you! You are a blessing to us! Happy Easter! He is Risen!






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Birky News

Wow!  Exciting!  Cool Beans!

Birky's is excited to have new in their Market & Bakery:

Our frozen homemade Piggies & Cream pizzas & ice cream!

Ready to Heat & Eat Chicken & Noodles and homemade soups!

Birky's is also excited to be introducing Spring '14

our new Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce!

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