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Smucker Weed Wipers

Midwest Sponge Weed Wipes, a division of Binwacker, Inc. is excited to provide Smucker Weed Wipers for your farm.  Smucker Weed Wiper Sponges wipe out taller growing weeds in your pastures and field crops. This is a great alternative to spraying because you will save time and use less chemical while targeting your taller growing resistant weeds. Since 1984, Smucker has been building quality weed wipers that utilize a cellulose sponge to apply Glyphosate (Round-up) and other chemicals to the target weeds. Our sponges put more product on the weeds than most wipers on the market, and with our sponges it's easy to keep the chemicals off your crops. Best of all, every unit is handmade in the USA.

Pig Weed Problem

Round-up resistant weeds over the years have become a very large problem for growers in the industry, because hoeing is just too expensive. Fortunately, by using gramoxone with our sponge weed wiper, you can effectively and economically get control over your pigweed. Our unique system can be mounted on the front of a tractor or sprayer, so that the user can see how much is getting on the weeds. Research has shown that our sponges are the most effective tool to wipe out weeds. Want to Learn more? Watch a video here