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Hog Roasts & Other Smoked Meats

We have roasters and will travel to your home, making your next party a huge success.  We have our own specialty rub, barbeque sauce, our own custom designed & built roasters and our own home raised pigs, bred for taste and meat quality! 

We feed our animals no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, animal by-products or Paylean.

Birkys Slow Roasted meats can either be picked up, delivered for $50 or pulled on site for a $40/hour fee.

Please give us a call to discuss the ways we can customize a special roast event just for you.  Please feel free to contact Becky at 219-766-3851 or by email at to start the process to your special day!


Check out our Country Store in downtown Kouts for an assortment of great meats for your freezer.  If you are looking for larger quantities check out our freezer pork & beef page for freezer pork, beef, lamb and goat.