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Vision Works Wireless Bundle Upgrade

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Vision Works Wireless Bundle Upgrade

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Add this bundle to your existing Vision Works camera. Their cameras are unique because any existing camera can be made wireless with our transmitter and receiver package. You can transmit up to 300 ft. with a good line of site.

Your wireless package will include your transmitter and receiver for a specific channel. If you wish to have more than one camera run wireless, please make sure that you request a different channel when you buy your next wireless package. When you buy your next wireless package, make sure you note that we have an A, B, C, or D package available for you. Check on the back of your current wireless package to find out what package you currently have.

Vision Works' new Y adapter allows the user to monitor a camera on one screen and then transmit the same image to another monitor in another vehicle.

What's included:
Transmitter + Receiver
7" Monitor

Product #: VWIC700Y

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