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January 9, 2015

  A couple weeks ago, we talked in Sunday School about kindness.  It is one of the fruit of God's Spirit living in us.  It follows Love, Joy, Peace, Patience ...then Kindness.  I think it falls in this order on purpose.  Our lives must start with the Love of Jesus in our hearts.  It is this Love that puts Joy into our hearts.  Joy is the assurance of knowing that we have been given the eternal gift of being a child of God forever.  This brings Peace.  Peace is understanding that no matter what this brief life may bring it cannot out- weigh forever with God!  That's where Patience comes in...waiting and longing for that new life all the while living out Love and Joy and Peace in this life.  Once we grasp the above it is time for us to begin to live out the realities of these everyday and it all starts with Kindness.
     As we embark on 2015, I hope that all of us can embrace God's Love, Joy, Peace, and Patience and begin showing everyone we meet great Kindness!  Listen to God and respond to the random acts of Kindness He asks you to show.

Chris Birky

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