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SCLYN Cook-off Rules and Entry form

2019 South County BBQ Cook-off Rules


Welcome & thank you for your interest in participating in the 11th annual South County BBQ Cook-off. The event is on Saturday, September 21, 2019. Your involvement will go along way in “Loving thy neighborhood” by helping support our schools, fire departments and families in need. The event will last from 3-6 pm and be held at the Porter County Fair Ground’s Cattle Barn. Each team/individual is welcome to have a representative at a pre-event meeting at Birky’s Country Market facility in downtown Kouts on 8/27/19 at 7:30 PM. Below you will find the rules, costs and meeting/event schedule.


  1. Set up at Porter County Fair’s Cattle Barn is any time after 5:00 PM on 9/20/19
  2. PORK BUTT CONTEST - People will purchase tickets at the door and receive a plate for sides and then proceed to each team’s booth. Each team will give each plate holder a small sample of your pork in container provided by event. Each team will be required to write their team number on each serving cup. Each team is asked to have a team name and will decorate a 10x10’ booth space advertising their sponsor. They will prepare on-site 6 pork butts (provided by event) with their favorite recipe. Each team must have pork ready to be sampled by 1:30 pm on 9/21/19. Judging will take place at 1:30 pm and the scoring will be as follows:
    1. Booth display = 15 points
    2. Creativity of Recipe = 25 points
  • Taste = 60 points

Highest score will be the recipient of the traveling “golden tongs” trophy. Each team is asked to bring a front table for their booth and also a 10’x10’ tent. Layout of booth and other logistics will be available at the meeting on 8/27/19 The cost for each team is $150.

  1. RIB CONTEST – A panel of judges will be awarding our new Rib award. The judging of the ribs will take place at 12:00 pm on 9/21/19. The entry fee is $50 and you will receive the ribs.
  2. BBQ Baked Beans – A panel of judges will be awarding our new BBQ Baked Beans award to people that will participate. The judging of the Beans will take place at 1:45 pm on 9/21/19. The entry fee is $15.
  3. BBQ SAUCE CONTEST – A panel of judges will be awarding the BBQ Sauce award. The judging of the sauce will take place at 2:15 pm on 9/21/19. The entry fee is $15.
  4. Beef Brisket – A panel of judges will be awarding our new Beef Brisket award. The judging will take place at 12:45 PM on 9/21/19. The entry fee is $100
  5. PIE CONTEST – This year’s pie is cherry pie. Please give your pie a name. Pans are available at Birky’s Market & Bakery in Kouts. Bring your baked cherry pie to the Porter County Fairground’s Buggy Wheel Pavilion by 1:30 PM on 9/21/19. Your excess pieces or additional donated pies will be used for desserts for the event. The entry fee is $15 per pie to be judged. Judging will take place at 2 PM. Winner will receive the traveling ‘Golden Server award.’

   A new award will be awarded to the highest score of any teams that compete in all three meat contests: Butts, Ribs and Brisket. This will be the Triple Crown award. If you have any questions, please contact or call me at 219-309-5090. Please fill out the form below and send with your check to South County Love Your Neighborhood by event.

All products to be served to public must be prepared on site . Please contact me for clarity about this.


Chris Birky





South County BBQ Cook-off

Entry Form 2019


Team Name:_______________________________________












City, State, Zip:______________________________________



Phone:____________________ E-Mail:_____________________


Please check the contests you will be entering:


Pork Butt Cook-off - $150                                 _______ - $_______

Rib Cook-off - $50                                             _______ - $_______

Brisket Cook-off - $100                                     _______ - $_______

BBQ Baked Beans - $15                                   _______ - $_______

BBQ Sauce Cook-off - $15                               _______ - $_______

Cherry Pie Bake-off - $15                                   _______ - $_______

                           Total                                                        $_______


Please make check out and remit to:


South County Love Your Neighborhood

C/O Chris Birky

527 East State Road 8

Kouts, IN 46347