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June 2014

Greetings From Chris 

  " Dependence " 

Happy Independence day! It is a great time of year when we celebrate our country's freedom. The grilling and the fireworks are so much fun. It is awesome getting together with so many friends and family too!


I find it quite interesting, though, that as I meet more and more people every day and hear what is happening in their life and I observe what is happening in our nation and even reflect on the things in my life just how much slavery there really is.

We are enslaved by illnesses, poverty, jobs, greed, debt, unforgiveness and jealousy.  I am sure I am missing a few. I find it so ironic that we celebrate independence and yet live as prisoners every day. We allow so many things to shackle and burden us with heaviness and despair.

I often wonder if my independence should really be more dependence? Maybe I should give up the right to myself and have a greater awareness, trust and reliance on God. Paul says in Romans that I am either a slave to my selfishness or a slave to obedience to God. One brings death and the other life.

Jesus said that we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. That truth is the Word of God. Jesus gave up the right to himself by dying for my sins! He set me free from my debt! He gave me true freedom! For this I am truly grateful!

Enjoy your freedom!



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