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Sorry, I Stink.

March 2013

Greetings From Chris 

Sorry, I Stink 

Unfortunately this is something that many people hear me say quite often. This is the harsh reality of being a pig farmer. I do my best to shower and change after chores or pig caring tasks, but if you catch me during the tasks, before the cleaning up, unfortunately you would agree that, yes, Chris you truly are stinky!

I find it so interesting watching all the "you need to smell good" commercials on TV. Some say I need to guard my smellf...really? Others say that if I spray it on it will take away all the bad smell...really? Have you ever tried to hide pig smell with cologne? Not happening! There are other commercials that, if you are single, you spray on and then have to beat the ladies off with a stick...really? When I was single I needed a whole lot more than just smelling better! PTL for my wife Melissa's mercy & grace!

In the Old Testament we read about all the offerings and sacrifices that God asked his children to burn to him as a pleasing aroma to him. In 2 Corinthians he calls us the pleasing aroma of Christ.

What do I smell like? When I come home at night and my kids hug me they usually say you stink like a pig or you smell like a pork chop, but what do I really smell like to them? What do I smell like to my wife, my siblings, my partners, my staff, my employees, my neighbors, my community and most importantly to God? Am I a pleasing aroma that people would want to be around? Or do I give off a stench that nobody wants to be around?

Hot water and soap does a stinky person good at getting them cleaned up and smelling better, but so does God's Love and Jesus' sacrifice. With God's Holy Spirit living in me and my old self washed away, I can, we can, all be a pleasing aroma that brings life to our families, our neighbors, our community, our nation, the world and to our God. Thanks for smelling so good!

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