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Oh Manna!

May 2012

Have you ever been frustrated because things haven’t gone the way you wanted? Does it ever seem that just when you think you are making some progress life then throws you a curve ball? I have noticed that every time that I am grumpy or stressed it is generally because I am thinking about myself and these types of things.

I accepted a challenge to read through the entire Bible in 90 days. This week I read again about the journey through the desert. There was nothing to eat or drink and everybody was mad. The people began saying it would have been better to stay where we were as slaves then to be here. They took their eyes off of where they where going and who was leading them and started focusing on themselves. It was at that time that God started giving them daily bread. Every morning a manna wafer lay on the desert floor for families to gather. They gathered enough for that day and no more. If extra was kept it rotted and was filled with bugs.

How often when things are tough do I find myself saying ‘Oh man!’ when in reality I should be saying ‘Oh Manna!’ I need to remember that God provides my needs everyday, exactly what I need. If I hold onto anything more it will just rot and cause ‘bugs’ in my life. I am finding more and more that God is a pass through God. Everything that God gives me is for me to pass through. God’s blessings are to provide for me, my family and all those around me. The more I give the more God provides. I can’t out give God nor can I forget to trust him each day.


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