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Mountains We Must Climb


I have never been on an actual mountain. I've either driven by them, flown over them or saw them in a book or movie. Indeed, they are very majestic. I am not sure if some day I will ever climb a mountain, but if I do, I feel like I will be well prepared. There have been several mountains that I have had the opportunity to "scale" in my life. Many I am still climbing. Financial set backs, loss of several loved ones, health and fertility struggles are just a few. We have also had the opportunity to scale mountains with other people. All of us have summits that can seem steep and impossible to overcome. It is easy to become burdened and tired and weary and even afraid to take a step. I always have found it "impossible" when Jesus said that if we have even a little faith we can say to this mountain 'go, and throw yourself into the sea' and it will be done for us.  In my youth I thought that would be cool, but as I got older, I either didn't understand, have the faith, or didn't believe it. Today as I write to you I have a different understanding. The love of God through Jesus and flowing through others has, can and will move any size mountain as long as I have that faith that completely trusts in the one who watches over me.  

I have never seen God actually move a physical mountain, but I have experienced the complete removal of some in my life. Although, many of the mountains He has not removed from my life, but has helped me climb up them. Those mountains don't seem much like mountains when you are standing on top of them. In fact, they have brought a whole new beauty and perspective to my life. For instance, the mountain of infertility seems only like a distant valley as I live everyday with the four beautiful adopted children God has brought to our home.

I had the wonderful opportunity to write and deliver a check today to HealthLinc of Valparaiso for $750! Our Valentine's dinner theatre, sponsored by our not-for-profit organization South County Love your Neighborhood, raised these funds to help provide women in our community with free breast and cervical cancer screenings as well as introduce them to other services available to them. 

We currently know several people that are faced with the mountain of breast cancer.  I am sure at times it seems impossible to scale.  It is at times like these that I take great comfort in a few words from an expert mountain climber...Jesus.  He said that nothing is impossible for God.  He also said for me to 'Come to him if I am tired and weary for his yoke is easy and his burden is light. ' Better yet was his reminder that in this world I will have mountains I must climb, but I need to be of good cheer because he has already overcome the world!  What incredible motivation to take one step at a time and keep climbing.

It is also imperative that I never forget that we always need to be ready to hang a rope out to someone along the way and help him climb.  We all have different mountains before us.  Let us not forget to ask for help from God and from those around us so that together we can ascend, overcome and stand on the heights together.

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