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Oh What a Miracle!!!

In a previous article, I mentioned about a storm that happened last August 2007.

The storm happened while we were on vacation. The storm traveled Southeast and hit our home farm where the country market is located and traveled directly over our home in Kouts. My brother lost the roof of his pole barn and we lost our barn completely. Trees were obliterated and the siding and windows on the house severely damaged. It was a mess when we got home.

I I mentioned in the other article how, if we let it, one could begin feeling sorry for themselves. With an unhealthy perspective we could have begun asking the 'why me' question. Thankfully, God has allowed us to go through enough things and to see a lot worse situations that others have gone through, that I don't feel we went down that road of self pity. But the main reason is the hope and faith and trust we have in Him.

A couple days ago, my dear friend called me with some information that overwhelmed me. It made me sit down...breath utter awe. His son is taking the weather project for 4-H. The project participants had a workshop at Valparaiso University in the meteorology department/lab. The person leading the workshop showed the radar recording of that storm last August. The professor told the kids that Chicago's radars didn't detect it, but that theirs did and he began to explain to them and show them on the radar that it was a tornado. The professor said that it could not be called a tornado because it never touched down. It remained 200 yards in the air and had several wind burst downward that did severe damage. Okay, I hope you are sitting down. The professor said that if this tornado would have been on the ground it would have been 1/2 mile wide!! Is God good or what? Had that of happened both of my brother's homes would have been destroyed. My mom's home and the farm would have been destroyed. My Aunt's home, our home and tons of friends and neighbors homes as well.

People can say what they want...but no one can ever tell me that there isn't a compassionate and loving God who cares and watches over me.

Thank you God.

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