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March 2014

Greetings From Chris 

   " Patchin' " 


I was driving down the road the other morning, a very cold morning and I came upon an INDOT crew patching the potholes. As I approached them I noticed some spots that had been done, but I still noticed a lot of holes that were not patched. My best observation is that they were trying to patch the deep and potentially detrimental holes. They did a great job in such cold weather of making the patches smooth, but it had to be so discouraging. There was very easily 3x as many holes left behind that still needed to be patched! It is going to take several more trips or a very slow one with lots of helping hands to get our road back into shape. It is too bad that they can't patch each hole when they appear and before they get bigger and deeper. That would be a never ending job and be happening constantly. It would be virtually impossible if you had snow and ice on the road all the time. I am sure salt, dirt, rain and especially traffic would make it even more difficult.

This reminds me of my heart. It is the road of my life. I am not referring to that thing that pumps my blood, but my inner me...who I am. It is the part of me that makes up me. Who I am, what I do, what I say. It is the part of me that will live forever. When I look at the condition of this inner me as the road of my life I wonder if I find it in good repair or needing patching. Every time I think impure thoughts or I say unkind words or treat others inappropriately I form a pothole. If I don't acknowledge those as wrong and ask God to patch them up, they will get bigger and deeper and will eventually cause major damage in my life and my relationships. This is even harder than the crews trying to patch Highway 8. There is so much traffic in my life along with snow storms, ice, salt, rain, you name it, that is sometimes is easier to not patch and just try to swerve around them. Unfortunately this might work for a while, but they don't just go away and fix themselves. Only God's forgiveness through Jesus can patch me up and make smooth the road of my inner self.

I hope each of us puts in the call for God's paving crew in our lives. His patching of love, joy, peace, hope, acceptance and forgiveness will lead us to those 'golden streets' of eternal smooth traveling.





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