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Harvest Bounty

October 2013

Greetings From Chris  

"Harvest Bounty"

Last year we found our whole nation in a drought.  Throughout the summer we heard stories of crops drying up.  This was very difficult to embrace, especially when we kept getting rain.  It is a very humbling thing to receive a blessing when others are going through difficult times. 

We began harvesting our soybeans last week.  All summer long we heard how the beans were not going to be very good.  The thoughts were that corn would be pretty good, but beans not even close to last year.  It would be pretty impossible to top last year's beans.  They were the best I have ever had in 23 years of farming!  Well, I humbly submit to you that nothing is impossible for God.  My soybeans were better than last year!  It is unbelievable.  I am so grateful for God's provision of a bountiful harvest.

Jesus told us that there is another harvest that is plentiful and ready to gather in.  It is people.  It is all of us.  It is everyone around us.  He said it is ripe and ready, but there are not enough workers to gather it up.  God is ready for all to come to him and reap the blessing of knowing Him and his Son.

All the soybeans in the world cannot compare to the value and worth of having a friendship with God forever. I truly am humbled for this bountiful gift especially when there are so many who may be experiencing "drought" in their lives.  I guess, maybe, that is why Jesus called himself the living water.  I pray that all drink, be refreshed and reap a bountiful harvest.



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