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Yield Monitor

November 2013

Greetings From Chris  

"Yield Monitor"

We are continuing to bring in the harvest, but can see the end in sight. We are picking corn right now. Our combine is equipped with GPS and a computer that monitors the yield of every acre and allows us to map how each part of the field did. It is so interesting to observe the yields on the screen while you are going through the field. It has been very interesting this year seeing the difference in certain parts of the field and also between different fields. When you drive up a hill or hit a high plateau in the field the yields drop any where from 10-50 bushel. It is funny how the same work, the same seed, the same fertilizer and the same rain can yield such different results. We have one farm where rows just 10 feet away from each other we saw a 150 bushel swing! The difference is in the soil.

This is such a perfect analogy of God and Jesus in my life. I can have and do all the right stuff to produce a "harvest" in my life, but if my "soil" (heart) isn't good then my yield monitor will not show maximum potential. When I open myself up to the "reign" of God & Jesus in my life I will begin to not see the variances throughout the fields of my life. The inconsistencies of the soils in my life dramatically affect God's potential yield in my life. When I allow God's love to make my heart fertile and receive his good seed, which is Jesus, I will begin to peak out the yield monitor in my life and produce a bountiful harvest to share with those around me.  Hopefully when God looks at the yield maps of our lives he can smile and say, "well done, good and faithful servants. Come and share in my great reward!"

Have a great Thanksgiving!



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