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A God thing!

I remember it like it was yesterday!  But then again, it seems like it was another life ago.

There was this fine looking young lady who started coming to our church with a friend.  She was really cute!

What I didn't realize was how beautiful she was on the inside!

June, 1987 -  She said yes when I asked her to go out!

August, 1990 - Married!  Yes!

For the longest time when I was in Jr. High and High School, I prayed that God would allow me to meet someone and date them a long time and then get married.

I wasted so much time looking and wondering and when I least expected it....boom!  There she was.

It was really strange and at the same time cool how we both just new.  This was a God thing!

I remember we had dated for about a week and spent some time with my niece and nephew.  We were sitting on her folk's back porch and already were dreaming together about our future life together and future kids.

I can't begin to tell you the spectrum of emotions that we have experienced over the years.

Rejoicing with family and friends as their families grew and at the same time wondering and waiting for our time to begin.

The baby showers, the birth announcements, the baby dedications, the Mother's & Father's day services, the birthday parties...all great times, yet a constant reminder of a desire unfilled.

The strife of procedure after procedure unsuccessful.  The rejoicing of the many whose desire was fulfilled after much struggle!

Why we were led into foster parenting?  Definitely a God thing!  I can't begin to tell you all the circumstances and God directed steps that occurred to lead us.

I can share just a couple.  We never felt comfortable going to an adoption agency and saying 'we want that one.'  We always told God that if you want us to care for a bring them and I always added...'let her know for sure.'

I will never forget the morning Melissa came downstairs and said she had to get the nursery ready...there is a baby coming!

2 days later....ring, ring...will you be willing to care for this newborn?  Heavens Yes!  Welcome Madison!

18 months later...Melissa and Madison were eating breakfast and Madison began to cry!  Melissa asked her what she wanted?  A baby was the answer.  They prayed for a baby.

A few days later...ring, ring...will you be willing to care for this newborn?  Heavens Yes!  Welcome McKenzie!

April 9, 2008 God gave us a gift.  A long awaited gift.  A gift that fulfilled a God-placed desire in our heart.  Madison and McKenzie became our girls!

I can't begin to explain how I feel!  How can the God of everything be so intimate with just me!

As I look back over the last 21 years, I can't help but be brought to tears!

I am glad nothing worked the way we wanted or thought best...if it had?  I probably never would have known little Madison and McKenzie.  What a tragedy that would have been!

To the biological parents of these two precious little girls I want to say thank you!  You will never know how God has used you.  I pray for you daily.  I am so sorry and yet so grateful for your sacrifice.  We promise to  love them as much as you have showed.

I am pretty sure not many will read this, but if God happens to bring someone to this page that is pregnant and you're thinking about giving your child up for adoption...God bless you!

If you are reading this and you are pregnant and thinking about abortion...then I beg you...give your child life and allow God to bless the thousands of people longing to love and cherish the gift you have been given.  No choice is a mistake when the outcome is entrusted to God.

If you are reading this and understand where we have been...I pray for you and ask that God continue to give you peace.  Trust and know that He cries with you.  Let Him be your dream maker!

For all of you who have them.  You have been entrusted with a little soul.  Teach them to love God, to love Jesus, and to love their neighbor.

A few years back we built our 'ark,' and now we are watching as God fills it.

February 2010 -

As I reread this a few years later... Welcome Bella!  Welcome Aiden!  The ark continues to be filled!  I am really thankful that God hasn't brought them two by two!

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