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To Plant or Not To Plant

A short year ago we finished planting on May 4.  Funny how different farming is every year.  It is now May 3 and we probably will not start planting for a few days. 

I had the opportunity to talk at a church this past weekend.  It was a service on a family's farm in their barn.  They have this service every year asking for God's blessing on the crops for the coming year.  As I thought about what to say, I had quite a few challenges confront me.  When I ask God for his blessing, am I trusting completely in him and giving him complete control of all my circumstances and accepting whatever the outcome, or am I giving him parameters and expectations to fill and will find myself upset and questioning him if he doesn't do what I want? 

Unfortunately, my selfishness seems to get the best of me, and I continually wrestle with the simple "trusting" and letting go.  I have been farming for 21 years on my own now, and no two years have been the same.  The weather, the prices, the bushels are never the same, but yet God has always provided somehow.  Why should I think he will stop.  Always faithful.


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