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Don't take it for granted!

Last August while we were on vacation we received a phone call from home saying there was a bad storm the night before and that we should come home. A little damage was done to our home, our trees and unfortunately our big barn blew down. What a mess! Yesterday I was still doing some cleaning from that disaster nine months ago! It has really been a huge inconvenience!


Nothing like self-absorbed thinking to make you feel sorry for yourself!Nothing like seeing and hearing of tornadoes, cyclones, huge earthquakes and thousands of people that have died from these disasters to make you get refocused and not lose sight of how blessed you are.

If you had a place to sleep last night and food to eat this morning and have clothes to wear today then consider yourself abundantly blessed. If your family is safe and sound and healthy consider yourself doubly blessed.

Whether living in plenty or in want I must learn the secret of being content in every situation.

A healthy perspective and a counting of one's blessings everyday makes for a contentful life.

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