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I Smell therefore I Farm

I smell therefore I farm...
     We love to watch the claymation show called Shaun the Sheep.  Our favorite episode is the Smelly Farmer.  I don't think I laughed so hard in my life.  Now if you asked my children and my wife they would definitely tell you that I have times, lots of them actually, that they do not want to be around me...or at least down wind and within smelling distance too.  But that is not what I mean.  There are 3 times a year that I cannot get enough of that smell.  Right now is one of the three.  I can honestly say that these are three smells that make me stop and appreciate the opportunity that I have been given to farm and do what I love.
     If you walk outside at night and take a deep breath right now you will smell harvest!  The corn and beans are drying down and their life span coming to an end and you can smell it.  I can't describe the smell, but those of you that know the smell know what I mean.  In the spring, when the weather starts to break, and the dirt begins to be broke and turned over is another one of the smells.  It is such a great smell!  The last one is in mid July when the corn starts to shoot tassels and pollenate.  You can literally smell the corn growing!  These are such awesome smells and they help remind me to have a heart of gratitude.
     The bible tells me that I am to give off a smell.  I'm pretty good at bad odors, but I am suppose to have an aroma.  The aroma that I am to give off is one that is to be pleasing to God and also pleasing to those around me.  It says that there will be people that want nothing to do with God and my aroma will be like the smell of death to them, but for the most part, my smell is to be one of those smells.  One of those smells that reminds us.  An aroma that triggers our minds to remember all that God has done for us.
     Nothing better for smelly me than a hot shower with lots of soap!  Nothing better for smelly us than a real Jesus who bled for us!
Smell well!    
Chris Birky
Birky Family Farms

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